Wind and solar energy for reducing electricity deficits in Karnataka

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Journal Articles


Current Science, Volume 111, Issue 5, p.796-807 (2016)


Karnataka suffers from chronic electricity shortages and daily load-shedding, which are expected to persist despite planned additions of conventional power. Using four illustrative scenarios based on different assumptions, we estimate the additional contributions wind and solar power sources could make to reduce these deficits by FY2022. The method developed estimates expected hourly deficits in FY2022 from projected unrestricted demands and expected availability from conventional sources. We estimate that additional 8000–8700 MW (11 BU) of wind and 3300–3500 MW (5 BU) of solar power would reduce the annual deficit by approximately three-fourths. A recommended pumped hydro storage facility will reduce the deficits further by 10% and help in meeting the daily peaks in demand.