Variants on a Theme: A Comparison of Five Dolmens of the “Hire Benakal Type

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The Archaeology of Burials: Examples from Indian Subcontinent, New Bharatiya Book Corporation, New Delhi, p.361-395 (2019)



Megalithic monuments are found all over the Indian subcontinent, though the vast majority of these are distributed in peninsular India, with sparser distribution in the north (Moorti 1994, 2008; Brubaker 2001). Though generally ascribed to the south Indian Iron Age (Moorti 1994, 2008; Sundara 1975), their origins could well go back to the Neolithic, and megalith construction might have lasted into the Early Historic period (Morrison 2005, 2009, Menon 2012a, 2012b). Rajesh S. V., Abhayan G. S., Ajit Kumar and Ehsan R. I