Urban transport sustainability indicators ? application of multi-view black-box (MVBB) framework

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Journal Articles


International Journal of Environment and Sustainable Development, Inderscience, Volume 12, Number 3, p.285–312 (2013)




To develop a set of sustainable development indicators for urban areas, the multi-view black-box (MVBB) framework has been recently proposed. MVBB framework is applicable to the whole urban system and also to any of its domains or sectors. This study relates MVBB framework to the transportation sector of Mumbai city. It is motivated by the unsustainability trends in transportation sector worldwide. The study examines the indicators from literature, places them in the context of Mumbai, and classifies them into three dimensions of urban sustainability ? economic efficiency, social well-being, and ecological acceptability. This exercise gives a set of potential indicators for the Mumbai transportation system, which can subsequently be filtered to arrive at a final set of indicators.