Uranium constraints in Pakistan: how many nuclear weapons does Pakistan have?

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Journal Articles


Current Science, Volume 115, Issue 6, p.1042-1048 (2018)




Fissile materials, highly enriched uranium, nuclear weapons, Pakistan, weapons grade plutonium.


It is generally accepted that Pakistan’s nuclear weapons programme relies on domestic supplies of uranium. Although constraints on uranium supply in Pakistan are recognized, this is often not taken into account when estimating the amount of fissile material that Pakistan may have produced. In simple words, most assessments of Pakistan’s fissile materials and arsenal size fail to look at the supply and demand situations in Pakistan in an integrated way. This paper attempts to rectify this lacuna by taking a combined look at the supply and demand situations for uranium in Pakistan. It specifically addresses issues of how shortages in supply or increases in demand will affect the allocation of available uranium resources for meeting various military and civilian needs.