A Unique Bimetallic Antiquity from the Early Historic site of Iswal, Rajasthan, India

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Journal Articles


Pakistan Heritage, Volume 10, p.91-97 (2018)


Antiquity, Bimetallic, Iswal, Metal Technology, Rajistan


Heritage of the antiquity is a way to understand the material culture related to man, it gives knowledge about the technology, behaviour, religious and art are followed by generation through generation. This research is to understand the unique bimetallic antiquity heritage from India, especially the Southeast part of Rajasthan.  The unique bimetallic  antiquity discovered during our excavation at the Early Historic site of Iswal (Tehnsil Girva, Udaipur district, Rajasthan), 20 km north-west of Udaipur city, Rajasthan. Over five seasons of excavation at this site led to the discovery of important evidence on iron smelting, including the remains of six smelting and forging furnaces. This bi-metallic antiquity is rare in the Indian context for this time period and thus raises many questions on aspects of technology and function. The study brings out the technology and scientific analysis of the object and brings out the knowledge of metal technology form Iswal