Traditional Techniques of Gold Jewellery: A Case Study of Devakottai,Tamil Nadu

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Journal Articles


Journal of the Centre for Heritage Studies, Volume 1 (2018)


Casting, Harappan civilization, Manga-malai, Traditional gold jewellery


Amongst the several metallurgical accomplishments of India, the traditional gold jewellery making techniques and jewellery designs of Tamil Nadu rank as marvelous examples of art and metallurgical excellence. Gold jewellery has been an important and continuing legacy of ancient India. There is rich archaeological and historical evidence for gold jewellery going back to the Harappan period. Devakottai town is located in the Sivagange district of Tamil Nadu (9°56´38.20ʺN and 78°49´18.84ʺE). This paper undertakes preliminary documentation of the techniques of gold jewellery making in Devakottai and the socio-cultural aspects of local communities. An attempt is also made observe whether some new designs are being incorporated currently which are not native to the region; perhaps due to the concept of the ‘global village’ and also probably due to inter-community marriage