Towards measuring interventions in rainfed areas

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Book Chapters


Agricultural risk management, BS Publications (2015)



Indicator exercise, OMTI (Objectives-Means-Targets-Indicators), rainfed agriculture, systems framework, thematic framework


This paper underlines the process through which we have arrived at the indicators for various thematic nodes to measure and evaluate interventions or comprehensive pilots in rainfed areas. We conceptualize a simple four stage process, i.e., 'objective or goal formulation', 'means finding', 'targets settings' and 'indicator identification;, which we refer to as OMTI (Objective-Means-Target-<wbr>Indicators) framework. In indicator literature, this kind of framework can be categorized under 'thematic framework'"or "goal oriented". The operationalization of OMTI framework highlights its nuances, and brings forth its limitations. In order to overcome some of these limitations, we validate the OMTI framework using the systems approach and also classify the indicators as per some of the other frameworks in the literature. This can help formulate a baseline survey for interventions in rainfed areas as also in other areas with appropriate modifications