Terrorism, Communal Politics and Ethnic Demography: Is there a Causal Connection? - Empirical Analysis of Terrorist Incidents in Maharashtra (NIAS/CSS/ISSSP/U/RR/08/2020)

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NIAS, Bengaluru (2020)


Communal Violence, Ethnic Demography, Local Politics, Maharashtra, Mumbai, Terrorism


Is there a causal link between ethnic demography, communal violence, local politics and terrorism? What factors might prompt a terrorist to choose a target place? Why the states like Maharashtra and Mumbai in particular witnessed more terrorist attacks in India? It is a question which arises on observing the trend and pattern of terrorism in India, particularly when one state, say Maharashtra witnessed more number of terrorist attacks than other states. While the underlying reason for Mumbai—and generally Maharashtra, being targeted due to its well established economic profile could be true, it would also be worthwhile to examine other factors to gain more clarity on the subject.