Tedium of Schooling. Book Review: Social Implications of Schooling: Knowledge, Pedagogy and Consciousness by Avijith Pathak; Rainbow Publishers, New Delhi, 2002; pp 260, hardback Rs 325.

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Economic and Political Weekly, Volume 38, Number 33, p.3470–3472 (2003)




The sociological study of education in India, especially from within the discipline, has always had to contend with the idealistic, reformist and prescriptive nature of education discourse and activity. Most students on their first encounter with the subject feel frustrated by what they regard as its ???negative??? orientation. They become impatient with the critical stance, often asking, why sociologists only point out what is wrong, without suggesting ways of improving things. They also protest, saying, sociology only tells us of cases where education has ???failed??? to live up to its own ideals, and that ???real??? and ???authentic??? education could only be a liberating experience, and a way of improving the whole of society.


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