Sustainability of Coal Mining: Challenges and Way Forward (Report of the Proceedings of NIAS Workshop), NIAS/NSE/EEP/U/WR/071/2019

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Working Papers


NIAS, Bangalore (2019)


<p>Coal forms the bulwark of India’s energy sector today, and its share is approximately three-fourths of the country’s electricity generation. India has enough coal reserves to last several decades even at double the current rate of production, and coal-based power is likely to remain as one of the cheap options among different energy alternatives for electricity generation in India in the near future. Therefore, the predominance of coal-fired power generation will continue in the coming decades (even with the recent focus on renewables) in order to provide energy security and affordable power to all Indians. One of the key features of India‘s coal sector is that most of the coal (more than 90%) is obtained through surface mining. More and more underground mines are being converted to surface mines because of compared to underground mining, surface mines are characterized with higher extraction rate, lower cost of production, and better safety record.</p>