A Study of Art and Architecture of Avudayar Kovil Temple of Pudukkottai District, Tamil Nadu

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Journal Articles


Udayakumar S


Art Style: Art & Culture International Magazine, Issue 1, p.101-106 (2019)




The temple of Tamil Nadu has a long history and archaeology among the temple in South India. The temple in South India context has always drawn the attention of students, researchers as well as scholars of various hues for a long time due to multiple tradition myths and mysteries surrounding it. When we trace the origin of the temple, there is mention of the Kuttam and Kovil, both meaning are mentioned in Sangam literature. There is an interesting theory about the history of the temple in Tamil Nadu. In ancient times the public used to assemble in every village at a particular place to discuss the needs of the village and grievance of the public. Besides, such places of the congregation also served as a court of justices to punish the offender, but later it changes into religious practices with the excellent art and architecture.