Sociality in a Solitary Primate: How Gregarious is the Slender Loris?

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Journal Articles


Resonance, Volume 9, Number 1, p.64–81 (2004)



primates, slender loris, social organisation, strepsirrhines


Of the 20 or more extant mammalian orders, the order Primates is surely the most fascinating for us humans, as we too belong to this order; and the evolution of primate morphology and behaviour has important bearings on the development of our own society and culture. Most of us are familiar with the group-living sociality of the commensal monkeys and some of the bigger apes like the chimpanzees and the gorillas. However, another group of primates, the nocturnal strepsirrhines, which are equally fascinating in their behaviour and ecology, remain virtually unknown due to their small size and nocturnal habits. In this article I discuss the social behaviour of the slender loris, a nocturnal strepsirrhine found in India.


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