So that a nuclear weapon free world comes to be: Making politico-diplomatic use of our nuclear weapons.

Publication Type:

Working Papers


Saurabh Kumar


NIAS, Volume WP1, Bangalore (2011)



Existing initiatives and proposals for nuclear disarmament, both inter-Governmental and unofficial ones, are appraised vis-a-vis the Indian approach, with a view to identifying possibilities of synergy for exploration of new pathways to a Nuclear Weapon Free World (NWFW). Their contents are examined w.r.t the 1988 Rajiv Gandhi Action Plan (and the subsequent Working Paper submitted by India in 2006 at the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva, the designated UN body for negotiations on disarmament issues) and other policy statements from time to time, as the only state with nuclear weapons that is unreservedly committed to a comprehensive Nuclear Weapons Prohibition Convention (as well as to agreed and irreversible steps to prepare the ground for commencing negotiations on it).


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