Six months after the tsunami

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Current Science, Indian Academy of Sciences, Volume 89, Number 9, Bangalore, p.1459–1461 (2005)



<p>A meeting was held recently to discuss the unexpected tsunami that struck the shores of South India and other neighbouring countries on 26 December 2004. An undersea earthquake that occurred at 07 : 58 : 53 local time in Sumatra caused the tsunami. The tsunami was among the deadliest disasters in modern history, and killed more than 240,000 people. The epicentre of the earthquake was in the Indian Ocean, north of Simeulue island, off the western coast of northern Sumatra, Indonesia. The resulting tsunami devastated the shores of Indonesia, Sri Lanka, South India, Thailand and other countries, with waves of tens of metres height. It caused serious damage and loss of life as far as the east coast of Africa, with the farthest recorded death due to the tsunami occurring at Port Elizabeth in South Africa, 8000 km away from the epicentre.</p>


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