Securing Livelihoods: The Watershed Plus Approach and Emergence of `The Social' in a Watershed Project in Odisha

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Journal Articles


Indian Journal of Human Development, Institute of Human Development, Volume 6, Number 2, p.267–281 (2012)



Kalahandi, Livelihoods, Odisha, Social, Watershed


Critiques of the fact that traditional watershed development approaches favour the landed and richer sections in villages have led to the growth of the watershed-plus approach that ostensibly tries to address the needs of the landless and the poor. The present essay provides a review of the relevant social science literature on watersheds in India. Drawing upon fieldwork undertaken in an ongoing participatory watershed development project in Kalahandi, in the Indian state of Odisha, it tries to establish interlinkages between the emerging importance of livelihood-related concerns in watershed development and the ways in which this new focus is related to, what this paper calls, the emergence of ?the social? as a site and trope of governmental action.


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