The Safety of Digital Democracy (Report No: NIAS/CSS/ISSSP/U/RP/068/2019)

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NIAS, Bengaluru (2019)


Administrative policy of Indian election, Cyber-threats, Disinformation and Propaganda, Election process, Fake news, Heuristic processing, Indian electronic voting machine, Peripheral route to persuasion., Social botnets, VVPAT


<p>One of the challenges prevailing in the present world is securing the safety of digital democracy. It is of utmost importance to carry out a free and fair election. In a diversified country like India, carrying out an election has always been a difficult task. Like every election process in the world, Indian elections have also been under many threats such as physical tampering of the ballot box, booth capturing, etc. The emergence of technology in the election procedure has minimized these threats. However, technology in the election process has introduced some cyber vulnerabilities. The paper focuses on the safety of elections in Indian electronic voting machine (EVM). When the concept of safety in the Indian democratic process emerges, the entire nation questions the safety of electronic voting machine leaving aside the actual threats caused by fake news and information warfare. This paper concludes by claiming that use of Indian electronic voting machine is the safest method to carry out a free and fair election.</p>