Reflections on the Rajiv Gandhi action plan for nuclear weapons-free and nonviolent world order

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National Institute of Advanced Studies, Volume Lecture No.L6-2013, Bangalore (2013)



Unlike many of my predecessors and many of you, I did not have a particularly close professional association with Dr. Raja Ramanna. But there were, of course, several occasions during which I happened to be in the same room, we knew each other, there were some conversations, but although he could not have known very much about me, no one from my generation could not have known of Dr. Raja Ramanna. Second only to Dr Homi Bhabha, he was the father of our nuclear weapons programme and he did perhaps more to drag India into the twenty-first century than almost any other Indian one can think of. I am glad that towards the end of his life, he served as a nominated member of the Rajya Sabha and he did also serve as an administrator plus his scientific career was crowned with an element of success. But, I am taking the liberty of not talking about science for which i am uniquely unqualified.


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