Rapid chaotic synchronization by intermittent driving signals

Publication Type:

Book Chapters


Proceedings of National conference on nonlinear systems and dynamics, NCNSD, p.1–4 (2006)




Chaotic Cryptography, Secure Communication, Super-key, Synchronization


Abstract?Synchronization of two identical chaotic systems which starts with different initial conditions, by sending a part of state space to other in a continuous fashion is a well established procedure. This paper discusses synchronization by intermittent driving signals from a part of a system to the other system. Here we show numerical evidence that if we were to run the second system on its own until the intermittent information about the first is available, and replacing it, synchronization does take place but it takes a longer time. What we show is a method to speed up this procedure even when the intermittent signals are not that frequent. This has potential application in communication, especially in the area of cryptography. Details of procedure and possible application in cryptography are included in Ref. [8]