Proceedings of the China-India-US science, technology and innovation workshop 7-9 July 2008, Bangalore

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Special Publications


National Institute of Advanced Studies, Volume SP1, Number 81-87663-81-2, Bangalore (2009)



Much has been written about the emergence of India and China as emerging or, better, re-emerging powers on the world scene, and it is often stated that science and technology are essential keys to their re-emergence. Yet few if any detailed comparative studies exist about their science policies, capabilities, or likely future trajectories. There are few U.S. experts on science and technology policies in both India and China. Additionally, relatively few Indian scientists and scholars have in depth familiarity with science, technology, and innovation policies and trends in China, nor Chinese scientists and scholars with in depth familiarity with science, technology and innovation policies and trends in India. This is unfortunate given that both have large research systems and well respected, established science, engineering, and technological communities, and both are attempting - with considerable success - to strengthen and reorient their science, technology and innovation systems to meet the challenge of the 21st century.


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