NIAS Strategic Forecast # 21: US-Pakistan Relations: What has changed? What hasn't? And what is unlikely to?

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NIAS, Bengaluru (2018)


<p>Trump’s New Year tweet on ͔͕January ͖͔͕͜ was almost an ultimatum asking Pakistan to take certain actions towards Afghanistan and the militants groups in the Af-Pak region. The American threat of "do more" is not a new one; during the last few years, one could see a trend and a déjà vu in the US threats towards Pakistan and the response by the latter. The Trump administration issued a similar threat a few months earlier, followed by attempting to work with Pakistan "one last time". However, the threat issued by Trump through a tweet seems to be different. There was a follow up action to the Trump threat; the US administration announced suspending the aid across-the-board. How far will the US administration go this time in forcing Pakistan to do more? What has changed? And what has not? And what is not likely to?</p>