On the NIAS Logo (NIAS/HUM/MHI/U/SP/08/2021)

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Special Publications




Baudhayana, NIAS Logo, sulvasutra, syenaciti, theorem of the hypotenuse


The NIAS logo is an artistic depiction of the geometrical structure of the vedic śyenaciti, one of the specified forms of the platform for vedic sacrifice, which is in the shape of a falcon. The specification of the form of the vedic sacrificial platforms in the śulvasūtras encapsulates the advanced knowledge of Number and Geometry in the vedic period. In particular, a precise rational approximation for as well as the Pythagorean theorem are clearly specified in the Baudhāyana śulvasūtra and these are the earliest documented statements on these topics anywhere in the world. The speech of Roddam Narasimha draws a connection between the ideas connoted by the NIAS logo and the programme of NIAS as envisioned by its founder, J.R.D. Tata.