A new thermodynamic parameter GCE for identification of glass forming compositions

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Journal Articles


Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Volume 627, p.337–343 (2015)




This work underlines the easy use of thermodynamics-based approach in identifying the glass forming systems. In this work, a simple and effective thermodynamic model named GCE is devised to numerically predict easy glass forming compositions. Further, to validate its reliability, co-relation of GCE with the Miedema model, PHSS model, critical diameter, Turnbull?s reduced glass transition temperature and Inoue supercooled liquid region in V?Ti?Cr, Zr?Cu?Ag, Mg?Zn?Ca, Ca?Mg?Cu and Cu?Zr systems respectively is demonstrated. The model co-related well, and therefore the calculations based on this model are wellcapable of anticipating the glass forming compositions. With a proven accuracy for the prediction, this proposed model can be used as an efficient tool for alloy-designing.


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