Mendacity in our midst: Treatments in Ramanujan, Max Muller and in ancient Indian behaviour codes

Publication Type:

Working Papers


Dilip R Ahuja


National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore, Volume WP2, Number 81-87663-45-6, Bangalore (2003)



Cultural observes like Ramanujan and Max Muller have implied that untruthfulness amongst Indians is prevalent because of its approval by ancient codes. Ramanujan also attributed a lack of universality in Indian thought to the same codes. While the ancient codes contain many assertions we would consider problematic today, lack of universality is not one of them as far as preference for truthfulness is concerned,. The only be empirically estimated by carefully designed questionnaires or experimentally. To minimize getting answers that the respondents will assume are expected of them, the first investigations should deal with instances of petty untruthfulness, where the consequences are trivial.


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