Looking Beyond Cauvery: The Future of River Basin

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NIAS, Bangalore (2016)


The National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS) organised a one day consultation on “Future of the River Basin: Looking beyond Cauvery” at NIAS on November 17, 2016. The consultation provided a platform for a sustained discourse adopting a multidisciplinary approach integrating science, technology and the social sciences. It also aimed to explore viable and sustainable solutions for the various sectors such as drinking water, agriculture, livelihoods, industry, environment, ecology, etc. Further, it provided a broader vision not only for the Cauvery basin, but to all disputed river basins taking into account various dimensions concerning inter-state and inter-sectoral water sharing. However, this consultation was limited in its coverage. Therefore it was proposed to have a sequel to address the excluded dimensions of this problem, such as institutional framework, governance, stakeholder participation, etc.