Logic, Navya-Nyaya & applications: Homage to Bimal Krishna Matilal

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College Publications, Number 15, London (2008)


Born in Calcutta in 1935, Bimal Krishna Matilal is regarded as one among the world's leading scholars of Indian Philosophy. His work can be considered as one of the most important bridges between Indian and Western logic. His untimely death in 1991 deprived the world of an outstanding thinker and philosopher. In January 2007, a conference was held in Matilal's home city Calcutta in his memory, bringing together logicians working on both Indian and Western logic. This thoroughly peer-reviewed volume contains a selection of the best papers; some represent Indian logic, others Western logic, and some continue Matilal's work of building bridges. The spirit of the 2007 Calcutta conference continues in the conference series ICLA, now run by the Association for Logic in India (ALI)