Leakage limits for inflatable seals of sodium cooled fast breeder reactor

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Journal Articles


Nuclear Engineering and Design, Volume 266, p.194–198 (2014)




Estimation and stipulation of allowable leakage for inflatable seals of 500 MWe Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor is depicted. Leakage limits are specified using a conservative approach, which assumes escape of radioactive cover gas with fission products across the seals in bypass and permeation modes and possibility of sodium frost deposition in sealed gaps because of permeation leakage of inflation gas. Procedures to arrive at the allowable leakages of argon cover gas (normal-operation/fuel-handling: 10?3/10?2 scc/s/m length of seal) and argon inflation gas (10?3 scc/s/m length of seal) is described.


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