International Cooperation in Space Technology: an Abstraction with Fuzzy Logic Analysis

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Journal Articles


ISPRS Annals of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences, Volume 4, Issue 5, p.13-19 (2018)



Fuzzy Logic, India, International Space Co-operations, Israel, ISRO, Missions, Policy, Space Technology


India’s cooperation with International Space faring nations has a long legacy of cooperation. As India moves towards realizing its space aspirations, its co-operation for outreach and capacity building with international partners will increase. This cooperation is reflected in all spheres of national development, security and space exploration of both the primary as well as partnering nation. Policy considerations and directives acts as a key to define the future course of action for such cooperation. The paper attempts to present parameters for evaluating policy options of India’s international space cooperation with an example of India-Israel space cooperation. The paper uses fuzzy logic modeling for scoring parametric valuation for pursuing cooperation. This valuation can assist in making feasibility analysis for a collaborative mission or project with a partnering nation. These parameters include the erstwhile and ongoing collaborations and cooperation, economics of the collaborative project, security considerations, technical considerations & space ambitions. The output delivers aggregated value for ‘checks and balance’ derivatives for informed decision making