The interfaith movement

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Karan Singh


National Institute of Advanced Studies, Volume L1, Number 81-87663-39-1, Bangalore (2002)



Let me say at the outset how happy I am to be able to make this, my second, visit to this very fine Institute, founded by J R D Tata, a true visionary. Mr Tata and I worked very closely together. he was a friend of my father's. When I became the Minister for Civil Aviation, he was the chairman of Air India. In that capacity we worked closely together for the seven years that I was in that Ministry. He always deeply impressed me with his tremendous vision and dynamism, and he was a great institution-builder. I asked him once how he had managed to build such fine institutions. he replied that he never built and institution and then looked for a person to run it, but that first found a person and then built the organization around him. I think perhaps that is the reason why all his ventures, whether the one in Jamshedpur, which I visited earlier this month, or Air India, where he assembled a team of outstanding leaders, or whether it is any of his other industries, the Tata signature and emblem have always carried a very special ambience. I would like to take this opportunity to pay my tributes to his memory.


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