India's `New Middle Class' and the Globalising City: Software Professionals in Bangalore, India

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Book Chapters


Carol Upadhya


The New Middle Classes: Globalizing Lifestyles, Consumerism and Environmental Concern, Springer, Netherlands, p.253–268 (2009)



Consumption - Globalization - Indian middle class - Software professionals - Urban environment


The chapter draws on a study of software professionals in Bangalore to sketch the cultural orientations and social identity of India?s ?new middle class?, especially in terms of consumption patterns and lifestyles. It also poses questions about the environmental consciousness of this class through an examination of the globalisation of the city through the agency of IT corporates. By tracing the connections among globalisation, consumption, middle class identity, and political and cultural transformations in the city within the specific context of the software outsourcing industry, the chapter probes the specificities of middle class environmentalism in India and explicates its limitations and possibilities.