Improving government schools: What has been tried and what works

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Books for Change, New Delhi (2005)



Government schools serve the majority of children in our country. These schools have witnessed a decline in their services, and increasingly they are accessed by the poor and the marginalised. Across India, a handful of committed individuals have led efforts to improve government schools, in the belief that they could demonstrate or induce an enduring change in the system. This book profiles twenty three such efforts from across India. These are stories of inspiration and insight, written in an accessible style, of interest to practitioners and others engaged with ideas of innovation, change and school reform. There are efforts to improve the teaching of curricular areas such as language, maths and science; as well as attempts to introduce new ones such as health, peace and environment education. Some efforts have focused on the role of textbooks, radio and computers in the classroom, others on mobilising communities and energising teachers. The narratives are factual and reflective, and construct a varied picture of how innovations are nurtured, implemented and spread. The introduction places these narratives in the larger context. It outlines the scope for outside agencies to work and collaborate with the state to reform the government schooling system, and reflects on when things have worked and when they have not. An additional resource in the book is an all- India listing of non-governmental organisations engaged with the issue of ?improving government schools?.


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