HATF-IX/ NASR - Pakistan's tactical nuclear weapon: implications for Indo-Pak deterrence

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NIAS Report , National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore, Number 978-81-87663-79-9, Bangalore (2013)




On April 19, 2011 Pakistan conducted the first test flight of Hatf-IX (NASR) missile. The Pakistani Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) described the missile as a ?Short Range Surface to Surface Ballistic Missile?. Till date there have been three tests of the missile system on April 19, 2011, May 29, 2012 and February 11, 2013. After each of the flight tests, the ISPR put out a largely identical press statement which stressed on the point that the ?missile has been developed to add deterrence value to Pakistan?s Strategic Weapons Development programme at shorter ranges.? Further the press release went on to state that the 60km NASR ?carries a nuclear warhead of appropriate yield with high accuracy, shoot and scoot attributes.?


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