Generating Self-Reflection: Findings from Self-Development Workshops in Teacher Training Curriculum

Publication Type:

Journal Articles


Shalini Dixit


Education and Self Development, Volume 14, Issue 1, p.20-31 (2019)



Humanistic Teaching; Self-Development workshops., Reflective practices; Self-development of teachers; Teacher training


Teacher education and development practices across the globe today, insist on having reflective practices at their core. Given that self-reflective process rests upon psychological education, it is widely agreed that student-teachers should be provided opportunities for self-learning through reflection and assimilation of new ideas. However, self-development being a subjective concept, there is lack of established methods for training teachers for self-reflective practices leading to self-development. One such method is the self-development workshops recently added to pre-service teachertraining in India. The present paper analyses the effectiveness of the self-development workshops in teacher education curriculum. Drawing data from self-development workshops, based on Rogerian approach, as part of a teacher training course, the paper traces and documents the intra-personal and interpersonal growth of its participants.