Gandhi's Idea of Trusteeship: Relevance in the 21st Century (NIAS/CSS/CRPR/U/IB/12/2021)

Publication Type:

Issue Brief


Ramadorai, S


NIAS, Bangalore (2021)


Gandhi, Trusteeship


Gandhi believed that God is the master of all wealth and material universe. According to him, wealth does not ‘belong’ to the businessman, he is rather the person entrusted with managing the wealth for the welfare of the society - namely a ‘trustee’. And only by sharing his wealth with the relatively less privileged, can a businessman truly become useful to his society. For Gandhi, economy with social justice promotes good of all, equally, including the weakest, and is indispensable for a decent life. Arguably, such a position of Gandhi would hardly find any criticism for political and social equality would mean little without economic equality being guaranteed. He also believed that if nature’s abundant resources were to be distributed equally, there would be no poverty in the world.