Face to face -'Homi Jehangir Bhabha: A visionary' (B V Sreekantan talks to Richa Malhotra)

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Journal Articles


BV Sreekantan


Resonance, Indian Academy of Sciences, Volume 15, Number 5, p.462–475 (2010)




Homi Bhabha


Dr Homi Bhabha was an ?institution builder? and a scientist par excellence. His birth centenary is being celebrated from 30 October 2008 onwards. Dr B V Sreekantan was one of his first Ph D students in the field of cosmic rays at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), an institute built by Bhabha. In this conversation, Sreekantan gives us an insight into the various aspects of Bhabha?s personality. He describes Bhabha?s research interests, his approach towards improving the state of science and technology in India, and also how he stood apart from the rest of the scientists. He projects his views about Bhabha based on their personal interactions. He highlights Bhabha?s inclination towards the arts, and this was no less than his passion for physics. It is our good fortune to learn about Bhabha from someone who had been closely associated with him and enlightened by his guidance.


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