Evaluation of census techniques to estimate the density of slender Loris (Loris lydekkerianus) in Southern India

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Current Science, CURRENT SCIENCE ASSOCIATION, Volume 104, Number 8, p.1083–1086 (2013)




Reliable estimates of species density are fundamental to planning conservation strategies for any species; further, it is equally crucial to identify the most appropriate technique to estimate animal density. Nocturnal, small-sized animal species are notoriously difficult to census accurately and this issue critically affects their conservation status. We carried out a field study in southern India to estimate the density of slender loris, a small-sized nocturnal primate using line and strip transects. Actual counts of study individuals yielded a density estimate of 1.61 ha?1; density estimate from line transects was 1.08 ha?1; and density estimates varied from 1.06 ha?1 to 0.59 ha?1 in different fixed-width strip transects. We conclude that line and strip transects may typically underestimate densities of cryptic, nocturnal primates.


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