Engaging Post-LTTE Sri Lanka: India's Policy Options

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Journal Articles


India Quarterly, Sage Publications, Volume 68, Number 1, p.17–28 (2012)




India, peace building, power sharing, Sri Lanka, Tamil Nadu


India?s role in Sri Lanka assumes more significance now than before, with the end of war and devolution of power sharing in limbo. While the LTTE is wiped out militarily and isolated internationally, the existing militarisation in Jaffna with war crime charges at UN and awaiting political solution in limbo, Sri Lanka demands India?s attention. The call for India?s greater engagement with Sri Lanka had resurfaced domestically with a demand from Tamil Nadu parties urging India to play a more proactive role pertaining to rebuilding and sustaining peace in post-war Sri Lanka, and in ending assault on Indian fisherman at Palk Strait. On other hand, the fostering of ties between Sri Lanka and Pakistan and China push for more primed hands-on role from the point of view of India?s long term strategic interest. There is, therefore, a need to have a re-look of India?s policy options towards Sri Lanka in light of recent developments.


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