A critical assessment of gifted education in India In: Gifted Education in Asia: Problems and Prospects

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Book Chapters


Gifted Education in Asia: Problems and Prospects, Information Age Publishing , Inc., Number Chinese American Educational Research and Development Association Book Series, p.147-166 (2015)






In this chapter, we present an account of how giftedness is viewed in India, the second most populous country in the world. Despite the innovative potential which could be harnessed from this vast populance, millions of students remain deprived of basic education , and are often restricted by matters of inequality. As a result, discussions will focus on issues of equity, as well as privileges and policies for the gifted and talented in India, which are often quite different in their nature and magnitude in comparison to other countries. This chapter will address the issue of how giftedness is perceived, identified, and nurtured in India through a socio-cultural and psychological lens, Discussion will then center on the status of programs and policies for the gifted and talented in India which will serve as indicators of a general roadmap of what India can and needs to do for its gifted and talented population.