COVID-19 Pandemic in the Indo-Pacific: How the Countries are Dealing Amidst Changing Geopolitics

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NIAS, Number NIAS/CSS/ISSSP/U/RR/15/2020, Bengaluru , p.110 (2020)




Covid-19, Implications, Indo-Pacific, National Response, Regional Dynamics


The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic is defining global response to the greatest challenge we faced since World War Two. It has significant bearing on social, economic, political and security of the nations as well global. People have lost jobs and income, with no way of knowing when normality will return, migrants within the country and the expatriates are forced to return to the home. The nations, those are heavily dependent on consumer economy, manufacturing, and tourism, etc. have nearly insolvent. Every country prepares to reopen and hoping to recover as much as possible. But there are multiple challenges. Apart from containing the spread of the virus and treating infected patients, there are related economy, political and security issues, and questions about the future regional and world order. The report analysis how the countries in the region are coping up with the pandemic amidst the changing geopolitics.