Consciousness, experience and ways of knowing: Perspectives from science, philosophy & the arts

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Special Publications


National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore, Volume SP2, Number 81-87663-61-8, Bangalore (2006)



Today often the issue that gathers focus inspite of its evasive nature, in discussions on consciousness, cognition or even advancements in nanotechnology and biotechnology, is about experience with a capital 'E'. The last few decades have seen tremendous achievements in not only creating new technologies and theories to understand life, nature and universe, but also have brought back the human factor into discussions. Consciousness studies is one area that has emerged a significant one in bringing disciplines together as well as posing the challenge of the 'binding problem' of subjective experience. The puzzle how neural, discrete and quantitative processes give rise to consciousness that is subjective, unitary and qualitative has expanded the domain of consciousness studies to include as many different forms of human experience and ways of knowing.


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