Communicating Ancient Indian Knowledge System for the Holistic Development of School Students for Their Physical, Mental and Spiritual Well Being

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NIAS, Number NIAS/NSE/ SCO /U/CR/ 11 /2020, Bengaluru (2020)


children, Holistic development, Meditation, spirituality, Yoga


Education plays an important role in shaping students into good human beings. The modern system of education, which concentrates more on imparting professional skills and developing intellectual knowledge, ignores the holistic development. Imparting holistic education has become a challenge in modern times. The importance of psychological well-being, emotional health, of the students for the social-physical-cognitive-development, is well recognized. Various forms of ancient practices such as yoga, meditation, spiritual healing exist in our ancient knowledge system and encompass not only the development of “Anamaya Kosam” (constituting the physical body) but also for the mind, intellect, vitality and spirituality. All these together with balanced food and lifestyle as described in Ayurveda helps to nurture the body, mind, vital force and intellect of school children. A physically, mentally and spiritually advanced child will have enhanced self-esteem, confidence and respect through which the child would be able to deal with the challenges that are posed by modern-day life. This two day meeting discussed various aspects of Holistic development fo Children with an aim for their physical, mental and spiritual well-being”.