The Chinese media scene: A politico-strategic take on the state of play

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Saurabh Kumar


R12, National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore, Number 978-81-87663-65-2, Bangalore (2012)



The following account of the changing media scene in China, and its impact on the polity, is based on a survey of openly available literature on the subject (in particular, the excellent collection of overview articles by Western and Chinese scholars in the book "Changing Media, Changing China", Ed..Susan L. Shirk, OUP, 2011) and a monitoring of (English language versions of) Chinese media websites and some official Chinese documents available on the I-net. It is a subjective assessment of the state of play. As such, responsibility for the overall picture (and judgements made or borrowed) rests squarely with the author, even though no originality can be claimed for the inputs-insights from the works of several others - utilized herein. These remarks were prepared, in the main, for the NIAS seminar on "Rising China" in December 2011.


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