Chandravalli – an early historic settlement in Karnataka, India

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Journal Articles


Hema Thakur


Journal of Ancient History and Archeology, Volume 3, Issue 3, p.49-54 (2016)



The settlements of Chandravalli and Brahmagiri come under the Krishna basin. Chandravalli and Brahmagiri are close to Chinnahagari, a tributary of Tungabhadra. Both the settlements are located in district Chitradurga which is a part of South Maidan. The area of South Maidan is marked by boulders and hills and is rich in mineral deposits and building material, notably iron, gold, copper, maganese, garnet, diamonds, granite, limestone, soapstone, etc. It is a possibility that the Mauryas, who were based in North ventured into Karnataka to gain access to these minerals, particularly gold and diamonds. Chandravalli has given evidence for typical early historic material assemblage comprising of brick structures, pottery, ornaments, terracottas, coins, Roman antiquities, inscriptions, etc. In this paper the author has attempted to have an understanding of the sources which would have supported the human habitation at Chandravalli. The discussion on sources has been done with respect to the local geographical and environmental conditions.