Case profiles of gifted children: Identification of gifted children in Maths and Science in the Indian context (3-15 years)

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R14, National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore, Number 978-81-87663-72-0, Bangalore (2013)



Previous commonly accepted IQ-based measures of giftedness have estimated the the top 3-5 per cent of the population to be gifted. For India, with a school-aged population of about 193 million (Mehta, 2007), this indicates a gifted child population of 6-10 million children, therefore creating a large-scale identification problem. The actual numbers, however, may be much larger, if we consider the current debates in the West regarding the limitations of IQ tests in identifying gifted children from minority and culturally-disadvantaged populations, and the need for alternative definitions and methods for identification.


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