BRICS Science and Technology Enterprise Partnership: Bold, Responsive, Inclusive and Cohesive Solutions for Rapid Transformations

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NIAS, Bangalore (2016)


BRICS has been quite successful in enhancing scientific collaborations among the member nations, as evidenced by scientometric analyzes. However, there is potential in BRICS to provide a platform for shaping the economic, social and political contours for a better world, accelerating transformation through Bold, Responsive, Inclusive and Cohesive Solutions. In spite of their inevitable developmental path dependencies, the commonalities of concerns and aspirations far outweigh differences: harnessing potential synergies, BRICS can address current regional and global concerns.

The proposed BRICS S&T Enterprise Partnership (BRICS-STEP) will engage BRICSs’ scientists in an enterprise mode that would be driven by challenges, thus creating a new identity for BRICS.