Branding an ‘Inter’national school: Fusing ‘Indian values’ with a global diploma

Publication Type:

Journal Articles


International Studies in Sociology of Education (2020)



appropriately Indian, elite distinction, global middle-classes, International schools, school branding


This paper offers an ethnographic account of how Golden Harvest International School in Bengaluru branded itself as both ‘International’ and ‘Indian’, by elaborating discursive practices within the school. Drawing upon scholarship that has sought to delineate the ways in which globally hyper-mobile Indians construct a distinctive cultural identity, the paper shows how a fusion of national and international allowed the school to cater to a particular set of elite parents, who were globally hyper-mobile even as they sought to be ‘appropriately Indian’. The paper pays attention to how cultural practices and resources in the school operated within a forward caste-Hindu ethos that was presented as ‘Indian’, while also responsibilising teachers, students, and even parents to ensure the school acquired and retained globally valued credentials such as accreditation for the Middle Years Program of the International Baccalaureate.