Book Review: Mapping migration within and from India: mobilities and networks

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Journal Articles


Carol Upadhya


Migration Studies, Oxford University Press, Volume 1, Number 2, p.247–252 (2013)



India migration report 2010?2011; the Americas. By Binod Khadria (General Editor). New Delhi, Cambridge University Press, 2012. xix +143 pp. ISBN: 978-1107681033. Migration, identity and conflict; India migration report 2011.By S. Irudaya Rajan (ed.). New Delhi, Routledge, 2011. xvii+338 pp. ISBN: 978-0415664998 Modern migrations; Gujarati Indian networks in New York and London. By Maritsa V. Poros. Stanford University Press, 2011. xx+221 pp. ISBN: 978-0804772235 The above books under review represent different facets of the relatively under-developed field of migration studies in and on India. The volume edited by Irudaya Rajan is concerned primarily with mobility within India while the other two deal with international migration; the Khadria and Rajan volumes are based mainly on statistical sources while the Poros book draws on qualitative research; and the first two volumes reflect the standard economic framework that views migration patterns as emerging from a series of individual decisions, while the third foregrounds the social networks that enable and constitute migration. This range of approaches and themes also illustrates several fundamental fissures that plague migration studies in general?the split between qualitative/ethnographic and quantitative methodologies; between studies of international and internal migration; and between diaspora and transnational studies on the one hand and migration studies on the other.


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