Book Review: Imitation in animals and artifacts by K Dautenhahn and C L Nehaniv

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Journal Articles


Anindya Sinha


Current Science, Volume 85, Number 4, p.523–525 (2003)



Imitation ??? the ability to recognize and reproduce others??? action ??? is one of the most important mechanisms whereby knowledge is transferred between individual agents, whether they be animals (including humans), or computational agents and robotic autonomous systems (collectively referred to here as artifacts). Although traditionally, imitation, as a behavioural phenomenon and cognitive process, was largely studied by ethologists interested in animal behaviour, imitation has, of late, been attracting the attention of computer scientists and engineers typically interested in artificial intelligence (AI). Today, spurred on its way by current trends in multidisciplinary research, it is likely to be of interest to psychologists, ethologists, philosophers, linguists, cognitive scientists, computer scientists, mathematicians, biologists, anthropologists and roboticists.


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