Book Review of "The Handbook of Science and Technology Studies"

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Book Reviews


Current Science, Volume 116, Issue 3, Bengaluru (2019)



This is a huge book of over 1000 pages and fourth in the series of similar Handbooks officially associated with the Society for Social Studies of Science (4S). What does a book such as this accomplish? One, it shows the wide diversity of approaches, methods and themes in understanding the activity of science from a broader social perspective. Ideas and products do not arise in an epistemological vacuum. Every new thought in science is a product of various social factors, including forms of institutionalization, collaboration, access to resource, access to network, and so on. Science and Technology Studies (STS) exhibits the full richness and complexity of the social practice of science. For this reason, such a Handbook would be valuable to those who are interested in the question of these links that make science possible as well as professionals in the field who can have access to a list of contemporary themes, approaches and references.