Book review: Complexity, Institutions and Public Policy: Agile Decision-Making in a Turbulent World by Graham Room. Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd, 2011.

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Current Science, CURRENT SCIENCE ASSOCIATION, Volume 106, Number 7, p.1014–1015 (2014)



While disciplines have always had extensions, branches and paths that would enable a passage to the other areas of inquiry, the organization of disciplinary knowledge began showing a decisive shift in the 1970s. To start, this had consequences for the neatly stacked divisions of disciplines within the academic institutions. Moreover, such reorganization was also instrumental in reducing the distance between the ?pure? and ?applied? research, and between research, advocacy and policy. The changed landscape of knowledge production over the course of the last three decades has led to the formation of new disciplines and methods that have flourished on the borders of traditional disciplines. The book under review represents the post-1980s moment in knowledge production that is built on deliberate crossing over of disciplines in order to privilege solutions, making policy impact and supporting multiple ways to achieve effective intervention.


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