Book Review: Climate change and global energy security: technology and policy options

Publication Type:

Journal Articles


Dilip R Ahuja


Current Science, Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore, Volume 102, Number 5, p.800–801 (2012)



Brown and Sovacool begin chapter 4 (on geoengineering and adaptation) of this book with the example of Mughal Emperor Akbar in the 16th century having a new capital built at Fatehpur Sikri, 40 miles west of Agra. Presumably for safety and aesthetic (panoramic views) reasons, it was built on higher ground than the surrounding areas. Within 15 years after it was completed and occupied, the capital had to be abandoned because it was too difficult to transport sufficient water up from the surrounding areas. Eventually Akbar moved his capital back to Agra, closer to a perennial river.